Sharpshooter Cap Gun, Caps, and Instructions (Alan Alan)


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We acquired this from an old magician’s estate. It consists of the original cap gun and box of caps used in Alan Alan’s Sharpshooter trick. Also included is a copy of the original instructions for the trick.  The special deck of cards having the burnt bullet holes in them is missing and is the way we obtained the trick. If you’re handy and can obtain a rough and smooth Mene Tekel deck you can make this up. The original effect went like this:

A card is chosen, noted, and replaced back into the pack.  A small pistol is handed to a spectator who fires it at the pack which is held aloft by the magician.

Upon looking through the pack one card, and one card, only is found to have a bullet  hole burned through it. This proves to be the previously chosen card.