Pavel’s Silk Cone


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Another one of Pavel’s famous and very colorful effects which is easy to handle and very effective!

Performer displays a sheet of newspaper and then forms this into a cone. The bottom of this is torn off and a silk is now put into the top portion of the newspaper (let’s say this is a red silk) and pulled halfway through the hole on the bottom. Another silk is placed into the top of the newspaper and when the first silk is pulled out the second silk is now tied to the first silk! This effect is repeated with a third silk and when the second silk is pulled from the paper the third silk is tied thereon. The three silks entered singularly, and came out tied together. The newspaper is shown empty at the finish.

The method is extremely simple but none the worse for that.

You receive the specially prepared newspaper and instructions.

You must supply six twelve inch silks (3 sets of two) or colored ribbons can be used to good effect as well.

A beautiful effect for the stage and platform performer!