Silks Between (Louis Tannen, Inc.)


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Here is a lovely vintage item from the 1970’s that was sold by Louis Tannen, Inc.

This is pre-owned from an old magician’s estate purchase. Very good condition.

It comes with the special two-piece plexiglass stand, four 18″ silks, and two different ways to vanish a silk handkerchief; of course you can also use your own favorite method to vanish the silk as well. There are no instructions (the way we received the outfit) but we will supply the basic method if you are not familiar with this.

Effect: Upon the performer’s table is seen a small plastic stand through which hangs three different colored 18″ silk handkerchiefs. The silks are seen to be quite separate from each other and the stand can be picked up and shown back and front. The magician removes the center silk and covers the remaining silks with a large handkerchief or cloth and gives this to a member of the audience to hold.

The single silk is then vanished and the performer goes to the assistant and gripping one of the silks, pulls them from the plastic stand. There, solidly tied between the other two silks, is the vanished silk!

The trick is simple to work, direct in effect, and not faked silks are used.

Note: You must supply your own large handkerchief or cloth for covering the stand and silks during the performance.