Six Foot Ruler (Pre-Owned)


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Note: This came from a magician’s estate purchase. Good condition. Comes with a copy of the original instructions.

Get a kid up from the audience to help with your next effect. But, before he can help, you’ve got to make sure that he’s tall enough. So you ask him how tall he is. If he’s like most kids, he won’t know the answer. Well, what the heck, take a guess. You guess that he’s about six feet tall. (Since the kid is only 3 foot nothing, this will get a good laugh!). Well, you bring out your ruler to measure the kid. This is a really big ruler of the unfolding variety. You unfold the ruler, and sure enough, the kid is Six Feet Tall!

You see, the ruler is made up of Six Big Feet! It’s a great gag for your kid shows. And if your mind runs in the right direction, you can even use it in your adult shows!

Made of high quality Bristol Board; beautifully silk screened.