The Baffling Melting Ball Illusion


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A marvelous close-up effect that leaves your audience totally clueless!

Introduce a square wooden tube, a wooden miniature sword, and a steel ball. The tube is ordinary except for two slots through which the sword can be inserted thus blocking items from passing through the tube.

The audience is allowed to look through the tube and when the ball is dropped through the tube it falls through as expected. The sword is then inserted and the audience can see that it blocks most of the inside, leaving no room for the solid ball to pass through again. Yet, that is exactly what happens when the ball is dropped into the top, it passes straight through the sword, and comes out the bottom end!  A baffling feat!

Tube measures approximately 5-1/2 inches tall and is 1-5/8 inches on the sides.

A quality product made from Teak. Teak is a natural wood that shows color variations. The picture shows a good example of that, although no one is exactly alike. Very well made and an outfit you’ll be proud to own.