The Bammo Card Walloper (Bob Farmer & Gerald Kirchner)


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This came from an old magician’s estate. The deck of cards appear to be like new, never used. The twelve-page instructional booklet is creased and has a one-inch horizontal tear near the upper right corner but everything is very legible inside.

EFFECT: A shuffled deck, mixed face up and face down, automagically unshuffles itself into perfect face-up, numerical and suit order!

WHAT THE AUDIENCE SEES: A deck is removed from its case, casually shuffled, and shown to be in no particular order. Half the deck is turned face up and half is turned face down and the two halves are mixed together. Spread face-up on the table, the deck is seen to be a chaotic mess of face-up and face-down cards, suits, and values.

The deck is squared, then immediately re-spread: now, impossibly, not only are all the cards face-up, but the entire deck is in order, by value and suit!

You receive the special copyrighted Bicycle poker-size Bammo Deck and complete operating instructions.