The Business Merger Book (Bennett, Ammar, Weber & Green)


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Good pre-owned condition; some light stains and creases on front cover; interior pages very good. Seventeen page booklet soft covers, staple bound, copyright 1984.

Please note: This is for the book only; not the complete trick.

The visual tearing and restoration of a business card!

Effect: In the process of removing a business card from a small attractive wallet, you discover that it’s your last one. Not wanting to sound cheap you explain that you can only afford to give the card away one piece at a time. A large piece is now visibly torn from the card and given to one of your admirers.

Realizing that a remnant of a business card is of no value to anyone, you take back the torn piece and cause it to visibly merge with the torn card! The now perfectly restored card is immediately given away as a tangible reminder of your magical talents.

A reminder that could very well mean a future booking! Only one card is used! If you wish the card may even be signed. The torn card is openly shown with a piece missing right up until the moment of the visual restoration!

The contents of the book includes:

Bits Of Business With The Wallet Effect

Getting Down To Business, by Michael Ammar

Big Business Ventures, by Michael Weber

No Monkey Business, by Mark Green

Business As Visual, by the inventor himself, Doug Bennett.