The Elusive Three (Irv Weiner)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good condition. The front cover has a discoloration mark at the lower left hand corner from (what we believe) was a larger price label placed over the original printed price.

Soft covers; four pages; page size: 8-1/2″ by 11″.

Basic effect: Three mentally selected cards from a 15 card packet that is placed onto a table mysteriously travel into a second 15 card packet which is being held by a spectator.

A bit of history:

Irv Weiner (1923-1999), also known as John Avery, performed as “Mr. Fingers” and was the owner of Irv Weiner’s Studio of Magic.

Weiner did performances of magic and mentalism in the mid and late 20th century. In the 1980’s he was listed as one of the most wanted performers on college campuses. Born and raised in the Boston area, his parents were deaf mutes which taught him miming skills. He was also a protege of Silent Mora and was a founder of the Boston “Silent Mora Ring” #122 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

He was a graduate and teacher at Chavez College and editor for over four years of the Silent Messenger. Weiner was also a columnist for many national publications including Hugard’s Magic Monthly and The New Jinx.