The Magic Magazine March 1975


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Publisher: Joseph Kardwell, Editor: Byron G. Wels
(Issue: 4) Vol. 2 No. 3 – March 1975, Cover: The Amazing Dorian, Linda Kelley

Your Magical Horoscope 8 by Sylvia Sherman
Loaded Dice 10 by Frank Garcia
Do You Have ESP? 14 by Jane Roberts
Mind Reading With Dice 17 by Martin Gardner
Decapitation Mystery 18
Harry Houdini’s Handwriting 20 by Michael Zimmer
Kellar 22 by Walter B. Gibson
Houdini’s Lockpicking Secrets 26
The Indian Rope Trick 30 by Walter B. Gibson
Mandrake The Magician 42 by Lee Falk and Phil Davis
Magic Movies 45
Tricks YOU Can Do! The Ten-Spot Map 2 • Cut And Restored Necktie 7 • The X-Ray Cards 34 • Coin Through Table 36 • “Flash” Silk Production 39 • Flash Color Change 40 • Hindu Mind Control 41 • Balls From The Air 46 • The Spirit Mind Reading Trick 50 • Balloon Penetration 52 • A Dollar Makes A “Break” 56 • “Pop Up” Cigarette 60

A Little History:

The Magic Magazine was a mass market monthly magic publication that was started by New York publisher Joseph Kardwell in 1974. There were 26 issues published with the first in December 1974 and the final one in September 1977. The magazine dealt with it’s fair share of publication issues and had four different publishers during its three year run.

The magazine was primarily aimed at new people to magic, part-time hobbyists and enthusiasts but they had a surprisingly strong list of contributing editors and correspondents. Some of these included:

Al Flosso
Blackstone, Jr.
Derek Dingle
Frank Garcia
Harry Lorayne
Irving Tannen
Karl Fulves
Mark Wilson
Martin Gardner
Milbourne Christopher
Ron Macmillan
Tony Spina
Walter B. Gibson

Because it was freely available to the public on the shelves of your local newsagent and book store it certainly ruffled some feathers in the magic community. But, when compared with the sort of exposure we have seen on TV, in print, and of course on the Internet in the last thirty years it seems quite tame by today’s standards.