TV Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson


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We acquired this from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good pre-owned condition. Copyright 1972 by Michael P. Hades; 31 pages; revised edition; spiral bound.

Always on the lookout for new markets and promotional opportunities for mentalists, Bob Nelson was quick to capitalize on an emerging medium in 1955…television. In TV Mentalism, Nelson reveals the secrets behind sensational TV mentalism effects and gives you a roadmap to success in the field – from how to prepare and break into television to what to do once you’re booked! He covers timing, camera angles, pre-show work, technique, presentation, the best types of mental effects for TV, and much more. It’s invaluable and timeless advice for any mentalist looking to perform on TV, whether on cable, local or national TV. What’s more, even mentalists producing their own promotional video clips for their website, YouTube and other Internet channels are sure to find a wealth of information to make their presentations more effective.

No longer must you be content to merely watch and be mystified by TV mentalists. Embarrassing, isn’t it, to have our friends recall the miracles of a TV mentalist and ask YOU how they were accomplished – when you might be a successful TV mentalist yourself! You, too, can bask in the limelight and glory of television.

All phases of successful operation are covered in detail in this volume, written by mentalists with many years of actual experience. Actual program methods and routines, including the sensational and baffling “Brain Busters” are explained. The “Brain Buster” methods and much of the material can also be used for stage or club presentations.

Practically all of the material and “Brain Busters” can be performed with equal effectiveness for live audiences, whether it be for stage, club or small groups.

Learn TV programming • guest appearances • sponsored shows • local and network broadcasts • advance preparation • camera technique • suggested programs and actual routines • where and how to commercialize your act using TV • opportunities in radio • live vs. remote broadcasts • performing rights organizations and more.

Updated to include information on Internet video clips • the effects of HD quality on props • where to obtain hands-on instruction in your area • how to get started • your first TV appearance • cable TV opportunities • how to parlay your first performance to bigger and better shows • the master secret • and so much more!

McCarron’s lesson in how to land your first TV gig is easily worth a hundred bucks by itself. If you’ve ever considered moving your act to the next level, read this book and prepare yourself for the amazing opportunities that TV can offer you!