Two Minds With Two Thoughts


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Note: This came from a magician’s estate. Good working pre-owned magic.

Effect: The magician brings forth a jumbo blue backed Bicycle card and states that it is a prediction. The face of the card is not shown to the spectators. It is placed aside for the moment.

Now a blue back regular deck of Bicycle cards is introduced and the cards are shuffled until someone says to stop. The top card from the deck is shown to two different people and they are asked to remember the card.

Now the two spectators who looked at the top card are asked to call out the name of the card they saw. Each spectator will call out a different card.

When the magician turns over the jumbo prediction card it will prove to have the two cards called out for an amusing finish to this entertaining routine.

You receive the special Bicycle jumbo card, a regular deck of playing cards, and instructions.