Vintage Abbott’s Magic Misc. Glass Set


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We acquired these from an old magician’s estate purchase who owed many Abbott’s Magic items. There are no instructions.

The front row of three shot glasses are as follows: The shot glass to the left has a plastic cover with a hook (original use and effect not know); the shot glass to the far right has a plastic insert with a plastic hook. The bottom of the insert has broken away and a new piece of plastic will need to be attached (original effect and use not known); the shot glass in the middle is regular and matches the other two on the left and right.

The back row of three glass are as follows: The glass to the left is from a production of a glass of wine or other liquid and comes with a rubber cover/plug; the glass on the far right is a another glass of liquid production and comes with a rubber cover/plug and blacked-out base; the middle shot glass is an early vanishing glass effect called “Squash”.

Note: The “Squash” shot glass also matches the three shot glasses in the front row.

All the glass is in good undamaged condition; no cracks or chips that we can see.

Selling the lot as is.