Vintage Devano Rising Cards – FL Blue Backs


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with a copy of the original instructions.

Cards freely chosen from the pack – which may be signed – instantly and eerily rise from the deck in the magician’s hand, isolated in a clear drinking glass, or even from inside the card box while being held by a spectator!

A marvelous mechanical pack with a surefire and heavy sliding weight mechanism built inside. We have replaced the orignal and dried-out adhesive with a new piece. The deck works very well.

For a barnstorming finish, have several cards selected, returned to the deck and have them rise up one after the other!

No threads, no magnets, no electronics, no elastic bands. A precision-made Devano card riser is hidden inside the deck.

Instant reset and practically self-working!

Pull off this classic trick with no sleight of hand; what’s not to love!