Vintage Dr. Taylor’s Peek Deck


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This came from an old magician’s estate. The cards work great and are in very good pre-owned condition.

Holding the deck in front of the spectator, you may riffle cards with the cards facing spectator, or they may run their fingers across edge of deck and riffle them until they decide to stop and they note the card at which they stopped. Instantly you know the identity of the chosen card and reveal it in any way you desire.

Supplied with the original instructions (as pictured) with several ideas and effects.

The original card case with the Peek Deck label and original price is complete but shows some wear.

Deck may be shuffled, fanned, cut and handled freely!

No rough and smooth principle!

No sleight-of-hand required!

This is great whether you just collect trick decks or actually wish to use it!

Red backed Fox Lake bridge-size cards.