Vintage Five Ace Supreme


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We acquired this from an old magic shop buy-out. It is new, never used, new old stock (NOS). Comes with everything needed. The original packaging envelope has shelf wear but the Steamboat poker-size cards and the instructions are perfectly fine.

EFFECT: You remove the four aces from the deck. Next the cards are cut and the aces replaced into the deck. The spectator is asked to choose a number between 10 and 20. The digits in the number are added together.  Example: If spectator chose the number 13 you would add the 1 and 3 together to get 4. The cards are now counted to this number. This card is turned over and is shown to be an ace! This is repeated over and over again (using different selected numbers) until all the aces are are revealed!

The trick is done once again and the spectator thinks that you are using a phony deck. To their surprise the fifth card that is revealed says “You’re Kidding! What did you expect? 5 Aces!”