Wild Card Miracles (Frank Garcia)


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The Man with the Million Dollar Hands has compiled a 148 page book of routines on world famous Wild Card effects! Some of the great magicians of card magic that have contributed their pet routines and moves for this book include: Derek Dingle, Larry Jennings, Mike Skinner, Dai Vernon, Francis Carlyle and Bobby Baxter, to name a few.

If you own a set of Wild Cards you don’t want to miss this! If you don’t have “Wild Card” along with this book, your audience is missing something great!

Note: If you don’t own the “Wild Card” effect it is available in our store.

Product Update: It has just been brought to our attention that the binding is weak on this original unused first edition book and the pages can easily come loose during use. Purchaser may need to place the pages into a two or three ring binder.