Zombie Ball – Gold (Vernet)


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This is the classic one person floating ball effect, using no threads or complicated set ups, and with everything under the control of the magician. This ball is highly chromed, and the surface is covered with thousands of light-reflective facets.

You receive: One 11.5 cm (4.5″) gold colored zombie ball, a base, the special gimmick, and instructions.

No foulard included.

Effect: A large colorful ball is seen resting on a base. The magician covers the ball with a foulard and while the performer holds an end of the foulard with each hand, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner, first up and down, then it floats over the cloth and rests on the edge of the foulard, peeks up behind the performer’s shoulders, suddenly vanishes, reappears, and finally comes back to rest on the base resting on the table.

Note: The Vernet Zombie Ball is made in chromium plated ABS plastic. It doesn’t lose its shine; it is super light weight; it is unbreakable.