Point Blank


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A clever young guy by the name of Jordan Cotler visited Michael Ammar and shared with him this fun card trick he came up with. The effect is the best kind: Simple and straight-forward:

Effect: Any spectator names any card, and every other card instantly turns blank. It immediately resets for a repeat performance! Short, sweet, and a knockout!

It’s a special deck that can be handled in a totally normal way.

It’s simple procedures that produce maximum impact!


“Point Blank, for $20 bucks, includes the gaffed deck and printed instructions sealed in a plastic bag-like container. It’s definitely a reasonable price. If you are a restaurant worker, I’d probably pass on this for your professional work, but it would still be cool to have kicking around the house for more casual non-restaurant performances.”

“If you are doing more parlor-style standup-ish work and you like card tricks, this is a good closer. Also, because of the construction of the routine and timing, you could easily switch the gimmicked deck for straight deck (not included).”

“Overall, it’s a good effect, and if you don’t mind dedicating an entire deck to one trick, then you’d probably do well to pick this up”………. Jeff Stone, MyLovelyAssistant