Abbott’s Scripture Tear (Don Bodley)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. There are six prepared and unused “Bible” papers left along with one “God’s Power” paper. Comes with the original Abbott’s instructions.

This whole presentation is patterned after Abbott’s “Chinese Wishing PaperTear”, the difference being in the working on the papers and the patter story.

Effect: As the magician tells the story of the indestructibility of the Bible and how many people from the time of Solomon’s Temple to Hitler and Stalin have made vain attempts to destroy the Bible and what it teaches, he shows a long paper with Bible printed on it. The paper can be shown on both sides. The performer proceeds  to tear the paper up into many pieces.

After appropriate patter the torn pieces are opened out to show that the Bible has apparently restored itself, thereby proving that the Bible cannot be destroyed.

Now the audience see a piece of balled-up paper fall from the performer’s hand onto the floor. The performer acts awkward and confused and tries to hide the wad by stepping in front of it, etc. Finally, picking up the wad of paper it is opened out to show the words, “GOD’S POWER”, thus showing how the magician was able to restore the Bible.