40 Tricks With A Coin In Bottle (Roman LePree)


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The “Coin in a Bottle” effects are some of the strongest you can do with your amazing folding coin gimmick!

Using a borrowed coin and borrowed bottle, you will create a mind blowing sold through solid penetration. Contrary to what many people believe, there is an arsenal of incredible effects possible with your folding coin beside the “Coin in Bottle” effect.

The set-by-step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your “Folding Coin” gimmick.

Inside this book you will find 40 different effects!


Clothes Pin Production

Flash Appearance

Three to Two Coin Vanish

Taking A Bite

And much more!

You receive this booklet only; no coin supplied.

Soft covers; staple bound; 13 pages; Copyright 2007 by Trickmaster.

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