A La Zombie Plus (Ian Adair)


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Ian Adair was one of the most knowledgeable teachers of his day.

In Ian’s A LA ZOMBIE PLUS book, you will find TONS of great material and tips for performing one of magic’s most popular and frequently performed effects.

No matter if you are simply starting out or have been performing ZOMBIE for years, this book is a must have!

For those of you not “in the know,” ZOMBIE is a floating sphere, typically metallic and shiny, although it need not be. When covered with a cloth or “foulard,” it assumes a life of its own like floating, moving about, being majestic and insanely magical.

Audiences love seeing this classic performed.

Soft covers, spiral bound, 53 pages, many illustrations and photos.

Contents includes:
History and Origin
The Candle Floats
Floating Light Bulb
Floating Balloon
Another Idea with A Ball
Yet Another Novelty
Another Idea
Photo Plate
Adair’s Skeleton and Floating Skull
A Finish to Ian Adair’s Comedy Floating Skull
Photo Plate
Animated Ale
Another Light Ale
Pocket Zombie Sphere
The Vanish of Zombie
To Balance Colored Ball on Edge of Hank
For the Final Vanish
Photo Plate
Floating Golf Ball
The Magnetic Ball
The Ball Vanishes
Stanley Watson’s Presentation
A Simple Zombie Vanish
Another Magnetic Ball Idea
From Zombie to Thread Method
The Matador
Duck on The Pond
The Flying Paper Bird
Rolled Up Paper Ball
Floating Crystal Ball
Rising and Floating Match
Heads on And Off
The Floating Lady
Passé- Passé Zombie
The Dancing Ball
The Man in The Moon
Floating Doll
Balloon Sword Suspension
Zombie Ball Finale
Butterfly Ball
The End