A Lot Of Small Paper Playing Cards


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These came from an old magician’s estate purchase.

Use these however you wish for making up custom playing card effects.

These small cards can be used in numerous and novel ways to reveal cards selected from a regular-size deck of playing cards. The creative magician will find lots of uses for these. The backs are blank and you just paste or tape these cards to the surface you wish to expose at the proper time to show your prediction or whatever is correct.

The upper pile in the picture consists of 45 cards and they measure 1-1/2″ wide by 2-1/8″ long.  It consists of the Ace through the Nine of Clubs, Ace through the King of Diamonds, Ace through the Nice of Hearts and Queen and King of Hearts, and finally the Ace through the Jack of Spades and the King of Spades.

The lower pile in the picture consists of 32 cards and they measure 1-5/8″ wide by 2-1/4″ long. It consists of the Ace through the King of Clubs, Ace through King of Spades, Ace through the Four of Hearts and the Six of Hearts, and finally just the Two of Diamonds.

Not all values and suits of playing cards in the sizes noted are included and this is the way we acquired these from the previous owner.