A Magician Goes To Dinner (Eddie Joseph)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Very good and clean pre-owned condition. Upper right hand corners have a light corner crease. Soft covers; staple bound; 27 pages; page size: 8-3/8″ by 10-3/4″

The tricks described here are for “extempore” (spoken or done without preparation) showing. They have been specially developed for entertaining fellow diners, within watching distance, around a banquet or dinner table.

To perform “extempore” is not the same as giving a show on the stage. In one’s regular program everything is premeditated. Performing to a group around the table is different. To begin with, the tricks must be of the type that could be worked without much ado. They must be short and spontaneous. They must be worked in an “off-hand” manner. Finally, not only in character but in appearance as well, they must in themselves suggest they are being presented without any previous plan or thought.

Contents Include:
What The “Extempore” Dinner Magician Ought To Know
The Broken Match Restored
The Flame In The Bottle
A Rapid Vanish
Slow Coin Vanish
Hot Money
The Thin Man
The Aerial Match
The Crazy Coins
The Ring And The Coin
You Can’t Be Sober
Sensitive Touch
The Strait Jacket
Hot Heads
Personal Magnetism
The Magnetic Touch
Glass Of Wine Production
The Menu Mystery
The Vanishing Coins
Where Is It?
The Absent-Minded Professor
Mark Of Identification
Gone With The Wind
The Travelling Ring
The Vanishing Fruit
Where Is That Coin?