ABC Stung


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Effect: Three large cards are freely shown to the audience, an “A” card, a “B” card and a “C” card. All three cards are placed under a large silk and one of the cards (the B card) is caused to apparently vanish. The “A” and “C” cards are freely shown on both sides. The audience will howl as they see a bit of the card sticking out from under the silk. But, when this card is removed, in place of the letter “B”, is a large picture of a BEE. Of course the audience yells to turn the BEE card over. When the card is turned, in big bold letters is the word STUNG!

A great classic effect that’s excellent for the younger audiences, but plays well with the adults too!

Comes with all the special cards and complete operating instructions. You must supply your own silk handkerchief for covering the cards. In place of the silk handkerchief you can also use a large envelope to place the cards into during the routine.

The cards measure approximately 8 x 9 inches.