Acrobatic Silks (Red Pole With Red and Blue Silks)


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This is a pre-owned item that is in good condition and operating order and comes with a copy of the original instructions.

Effect: Hanging from a red wooden pole are three 18″ silk handkerchiefs, two red and one blue. The magician claims that the blue silk, on one end of the pole, is an acrobat and when the pole is placed behind the back the blue silk jumps from one end of the pole to the other, and then back again.

Up to this point, the audience suspects that the performer is simply turning the pole end for end behind his back. But wait! Now the blue silk VISIBLY, yes, we said VISIBLY changes places with the red silk in the center so the audience can plainly see that the blue silk is now hanging from the center between the two red silks!

Immediately everything can be handed out for examination.

Nothing is used but the three silks and the solid wooden pole!