Aerotechnics Pocket Cannon Lot


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase.

1″ x 8″ Pocket Cannon; small 1″ Barrel; easy to hide, yet powerful!

This is a smaller version of the Aerotechnics Simulated Fireworks Cannon. Real compact, has a short black 8″ barrel with a 1″ inside diameter yet shoots up to 30 streamers and confetti to distances of up to 28 feet! Good for magic and party effects. Can be hand held and fired or mounted in a stationary position on almost any prop. Adapts well in close quarters. Empty weight: 8 oz. Uses 8 gram CO2 cylinders, 1 ” backpressure caps, and 1″ lifting cups.

This lot includes: 1″ x 8″ Pocket Cannon, 3 lever triggers, 22 unused eight gram threaded CO2 cartridges, wooden ramrod, 1 unopened refill kit, nine 1″ lifting cups, six 1″ backpressure caps, and easy instructions. Cannon will work with most confetti/streamer items so any additional items required can be purchased separately. 18′ streamers and rectangle confetti are recommended.

High pressure rated: 900 psi. One cylinder is required for each firing.
All sizes have 3/8′ x 24 NF threads. Aerotechnics brand meets high US military and life guard standards. This assures you that they will not jam or bend your firing pin.

Note: The unopened refill kit includes some additional unused 8 gram threaded CO2 cartridges, 1″ backpressure caps, 1″ lifting cups, and some Turbofetti, along with instructions.