Back To Back (Mark Mason)


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Effect: The performer introduces a deck of blue backed Bicycle cards and also shows two red backed Bicycle cards taken from another deck. The red backed cards are freely shown and placed on the table.

A card is freely selected from the blue deck, looked at and remembered, and then lost back in the pack as the cards are shuffled. The performer says that he will invisibly palm the chosen card from the deck and place it between the two red backed cards resting on the table.

So saying, the performer places his palm over the blue deck, and apparently palms a card away invisibly. The performer’s hand is shown to the audience and it appears completely empty, but when the performer places his hand on the two red backed cards and spreads them out a blue backed card is seen between them!

Now the blue backed card is caused to visibly jump from the middle of the two red cards and appear at the bottom of the packet! When the blue card is turned over it proves to really be the selected card!

You receive the two special Bicycle poker-size gimmicks and routine which includes an alternative handling for the routine described above plus you receive one additional different routine.

Some card handling is required to perform these routines properly and are not for the beginner.