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Balbi Tarot (1976) by Fournier (Designed by Domenico Balbi) Published in Spain (Alchemy – Astrology)

One of the rarest – and most artistically beautiful – tarot decks in the world. This vintage deck is in spectacular condition. Domenico Balbi (1927-2005) was a painter, designer and engraver born in Genoa in 1927. His art exhibitions won awards in Italy and abroad. He is noted for his “Tarot Balbi” deck and spoke at conferences about the symbolism of Tarot, as we as publishing articles about metaphysical and philosophical topics. The elemental assignments in this deck are: * Wands – Fire * Cups – Air * Swords – Water * Disks – Earth. This extremely rare deck is from Spain and the card titles are in English and Spanish. Each card has a Roman Numeral, Astrological glyph, Hebrew letter and corresponding number.

Details and Condition: Out-of-print, Balbi Tarot Deck published by Fournier, Vitoria, Spain, 1978. The deck features original artwork and instructions by Domenico Balbi. Domenico Balbi was an Italian artist who also studied, wrote, and presented on metaphysical and philosophical topics including Kabbalah and tarot symbolism. The design incorporates vibrant color, Kabbalistic signs and symbols, and alchemical and astrological symbols. The deck is presented as a bilingual deck; the titles for the major arcana are in English and Spanish. Included are the box, instructions and tarot cards. The complete set of 78 cards are all present. The instruction foldout / booklet is crisp, clean and has not been used. The box is strong, sturdy and has light shelf wear.

Cards: 78 Major Arcana: 22 Minor Arcana: 56
Card Size: 2.76 x 4.33 in. = 7.00cm x 11.00cm
Condition: Cards have been removed from their original seal, but are in excellent unused condition. Card box has minor shelf wear.
Publisher: Heraclio Fournier-Vitoria