Banana Boomerang Optical Illusion Set


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This is a pre-owned effect we obtained from an old magician’s estate. What you see pictured is the way we received it. No instructions and we do not know the original handling that would incorporate all three of these boomerangs. The back of the smaller banana boomerang has what appears to be a bunch of bananas. The other two boomerangs just have black backs. How the boomerang with the three cutouts is used is not known and it’s possible it doesn’t even belong with the banana boomerangs but as mentioned above this is the way we received them.

These are being sold as is. Perhaps you are familiar with this and have a use for them.

The two larger boomerangs (the banana and the one with the cutouts) are the same size and measure approximately 14-1/2″ on the top side from corner to corner. On the bottom side they are 12-1/4″ from corner to corner.

The smaller banana boomerang measures 12″ on the top side from corner to corner and is 10-1/2″ on the bottom side from corner to corner.