Bicycle ESP Cards Blue (25 Cards)


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Set includes 25 Bicycle Rider blue backed ESP playing cards. Five of each symbol which are star, square, circle, cross, and wavy lines.

The set of five allows for layering of most mentalism routines to create unbelievable predictions, “proving” Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

ESP cards are a staple of mentalists but are also perfect for kids shows and everyday use.

Printed by USPCC for top quality and using the familiar Bicycle Rider back design so you can seamlessly predict an ESP symbol from your regular Bicycle® deck.

Originally developed and used at Duke University for the testing of ESP, these easy-to-remember symbols, along with a commonly-used but secret numbering system, will allow you to create miracles:

Circle = 1 line
Cross = 2 lines
Wavy Lines = 3 lines
Square = 4 lines
Star = 5 lines

Instructions not included and shape font/look can vary slightly from the picture.