Blushing Monte (Scott Hart)


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The magician displays two red aces and a black ace. The black ace is placed in between the two red aces facing up. The cards are squared up and when they are displayed again the black ace has turned face down. The face down black ace remains face down as the cards are squared up again. Now when the cards are spread out the black ace is now face up and one red ace is face down!

The cards are squared up once again and this time when the cards are spread out all three aces are face up! The magician then says he will do it again. The black ace again is face up in the middle and yet magically turns face down. The face down black ace is placed on the table leaving the two red aces in the performer’s hand. The magician asks the spectator “Where is the black ace?” The spectator replies, “On the table.”

The magician turns the black ace up and to the spectator’s surprise, the Ace of Spades has changed to a RED ACE OF SPADES! The magician then states “Never bet on the BLACK card because you’ll lose every time!”

Here’s what Michael Skinner had to say about this effect: “This effect is a nice original version of the THREE CARD MONTE. I like these tricks that have a surprise finish!”

You are supplied with the special Bicycle red faced ace of spades and complete routined instructions.