Boo Boogy Mans Puzzle (Vintage NOS)


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This came from an old magic shop buy-out.

This is a vintage new old stock (NOS) Sherms creation.

It’s a puzzle about a tale of three Missionaries who were stranded on an island with three cannibals. The Cannibals show the Missionaries a small boat to enable them to reach the mainland. But the boat will only hold two persons at one time. The Missionaries realize that if the Cannibals ever outnumber them it would mean a feast for the Cannibals.

So the object of the puzzle is how to transport the three Missionaries to the mainland without allowing the Cannibals to outnumber them. You receive the original box, instructions with the solution, and a small metal boat. The instructions tell you to use three dimes for the Missionaries and three pennies for the Cannibals.

If you’re a collector of vintage puzzles you’ll want to add this to your collection.

Everything is in excellent new condition.