Brass Bill Tube


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. No instructions. This particular model is long off the market- hard to find! Well made of brass, with an attractive aged and tarnished look! You will need to supply your own gimmciked handkerchief for vanishing the bill or use another method to cause it to vanish. You receive the brass bill tube with small padlock and key only as pictured. No handkerchief supplied.

Standard Effect: The magician borrows a bill from a spectator and has it marked or the serial number noted. The money is then rolled into a tube shape and an elastic band is placed around it. It is then placed inside a hanky and given to a spectator to hold. They can feel the bill inside the handkerchief.

Next, a brass bill tube is introduced and shown to be locked and secure. There is no apparent way to get into the tube without unlocking it. The tube is given to another spectator to hold. On the count of three, the handkerchief is shaken out and shown to be completely empty. The bill has vanished!

The magician then introduces a key which is given to the spectator who unlocks the tube revealing the signed bill inside!

Precision made in brass!

Everything can be fully examined!

This is really a classic marvel of magic and a real fooler too!