Brass Okito Box….Half Dollar (Sterling)


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This expertly crafted brass metal box is specially made for use with half dollar size coins. The coins will fit exactly into the box. From one to four coins are used in each routine. The box by itself is completely innocent, and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators. With the help of a few simple moves, you can do some excellent coin magic with this box such as making coins appear, vanish or penetrate through the box.

One possible effect: The magician shows a half dollar and a brass box. Both can be examined if you wish. He puts the coin inside the box and covers it with the lid. The box is shaken to prove that the coin is there and then the box is placed on the back of his hand. He gives a push on the box and the coin seems to melt right through the box and the magician’s hand and falls down on the table. The box is opened and is shown to be empty!

Lots of other great effects are possible with this brass box!