Cagey Doves (Tom Palmer)


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This is a pre-owned book. Some cover stains; otherwise good.

Fourth printing; 1981; 28 pages; soft covers; staple bound; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″

Published by Magic, Inc.

You’ve seen the thrilling vanish of a cage of doves on TV which is the ultimate climax to a dove act. Now, for a fraction of their original cost, you can build your own beautiful cage effects for doves. Two fast and fascinating effects in which a cage of doves is covered for a moment, tossed into the air and cage gone! A wonderful production, during which several silks are produced, tossed toward the audience, and immediately there appears a three foot high cage, filled with doves!

You’ll love a comedy vanish, in which the box the dove is put into vanishes, leaving the dove outside it. A pet store type of cage is shown, filled with doves, covered with a cloth and tossed into the air—to vanish. In Passe Passe Cages, birds vanish from one, only to reappear in another, etc. Harry Blackstone Jr. includes his China Cage in which a girl carries a cage at each end of a pole. The empty cages simultaneously fill with doves!

Illustrated by Nelson Hahne.