The Card Magic of LePaul


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This work by LePaul has become a classic a long time ago. It is a must read for anybody who is seriously interested in card magic. LePaul was one of the 20th century’s most admired card technicians. Here he teaches his finest routines and moves; 31 moves and 21 routines, beautifully explained in word and more than 300 actual photographs showing the master at work.

Soft covers; over 200 pages.

No one who has seen the program of Paul Le Paul can doubt his ability as a performer; and no informed magician who reads The Card Magic of Le Paul will question that it is a real contribution to the literature of card conjuring.

The “new and different effects with playing cards,” which are promised on the title-page, consist of 31 sleights and 21 tricks that are either new or are improvements or variations of old ones. The space is about equally divided between tricks and sleights. The tricks that the author divulges are not only good, but in some instances are almost sensationally good. Most card tricks are notoriously difficult to describe in a limited space. Because this is true of many of Le Paul’s tricks, we shall not be able to give any idea of their brilliance, or indeed of their general effect as seen by the audience, beyond whatever impression may be conveyed by listing the titles of about half of them. These are called by the author The Perfect “Stop” Effect, An Impromptu Torn and Restored Card, A Magical Transposition, Cards in a Sealed Envelope, An Impromptu Rising Card Effect, A Reversed Card Routine, Color Segregation, Mistaken Identity, How Close Can You Watch? and Aces Up! (one of a quartet of Four-Ace tricks of various kinds), and more!