CD Changed and Gone!


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Note: this came from a magician’s estate buy-out. It’s in good operating and cosmetic condition (a few scuffs from use; otherwise good) and comes with the original detailed instructions. The only thing missing that was originally included are two CD’s that were silver on one side and colored on the other side. But that does not create any problems because you can use your own real CD’s and modify them as you wish. Read the effects (noted below) that are possible with this clever apparatus. It’s very nice!

Tricks with CD’s are quite popular today, as tricks with records once were. Most of these are variations of the Color Changing Records, with a few other novel effects (penetrations, Zig-Zag CD, Flaming CD etc.) for variety.

This prop is a modified version of Norman’s Card Go prop used for vanishing a Jumbo Card. Besides being adapted for use with CD’s, the mechanism has been modified to allow you to change a CD, or vanish it, or do both in the routine.

You can use this with your real CD’s for a better effect. For example, display a blank CD on both sides, and say you will print it in your magic CD machine to the Hit on Top of the Charts. Change the CD, and you can even play the changed CD in any portable CD player.

You can change two or three silver CD’s to different colors as in the Color Changing CD effects. You place each pair showing silver, and change the color one after the other. The CD is removed from the holder after the color change, and placed on display, as a fresh pair showing silver on both sides is inserted. The apparatus will “steal away” up to three CD’s.

You can follow up a change with a vanish in your routine. After the change, open the top of the holder, and remove the CD to show the full face. Then replace it in the holder, this time to the front, and make it vanish.

The apparatus is very versatile, and the mileage you get from this would depend on what you wish to do with this. You can use it to change a color of a CD, or vanish it, or follow a change with a vanish. You could change the colors of two or three CD’s, or convert two or three blanks to the current Hits. Or if you combine this with a force, you could even convert a blank CD to one with somebody’s favorite song.