Chinatown Half Dollar (Tango)


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The mysterious magic of the Orient is in your hands with this beautiful trick!

You place a handsome, custom designed Chinese coin (with a hole through its center) on a white pocket handkerchief that’s on the spectator’s hand. The spectator is asked to close their hand and when reopened, a real half dollar has replaced the Chinese coin!

Or you show the Chinese coin and a half dollar and place both into a window envelope so both coins are visible through the window. The Chinese coin is removed from the envelope and placed on the outside while the half dollar remains inside. Magically, the two coins change places! The Chinese coins ends up inside the envelope while the half dollar appears outside.

The envelope is sealed shut before the transposition takes place. The spectator can open the sealed envelope and remove the Chinese coin. Both coins can be examined.

No sleight-of-hand required!

This is a real baffler!