Chinese Prayer Vase (Royal Magic)


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A classic close-up mystery that defies gravity!

The magician shows a plastic red vase and a piece of unprepared rope to his spectators. The vase is shown to be completely empty. Inserting the rope into the vase, the magician confesses that an invisible Genii lives inside of the vase. To prove his point, he turns the vase (with the rope still inside) upside down. The rope remains suspended inside the vase!

Then, the magician holds the rope with one hand and lets go of the vase. It remains suspended in the air, as if the Genii of the vase were holding on to the rope. At the end of the trick, the magician causes the Genii to release his grip from the rope and hands out the rope and the vase for complete examination. They will find nothing hidden inside and if they try to duplicate the effect they will not be able to accomplish it.

Made in the USA.