Chinese Sticks (Vintage Royal Magic 1951)


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Effect: Two sticks are exhibited. At the end of each stick there is a length of cord and a tassel. One cord shown to be short and the other long. The short cord is pulled and the long cord then becomes short. This is repeated back and forth a few times. There is no visible connection. Both cords are then made long. Now an imaginary hair is pulled from the magician’s head and fastened to the end of each cord. The hair is pulled upwards and both strings become short!

These will make a nice addition to your vintage magic collection. They come with their original box and instructions. They are new old stock from an old magic shop buy-out. They have been sitting on a shelf for years and because of this the cords work sluggishly but may loosen up with use. Selling these mainly as a collectible item to display with your other vintage Royal Magic items.