Chop Cup – Aluminum (Canada)


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One of the greatest close-up effects of all time! Used by many leading professional magicians. Chop Chop’s (Al Wheatly) one ball and one cup routine is a classic of magic.

An aluminum cup with a hand knit (crocheted) ball are displayed. Now the action begins. The ball vanishes, then reappears under the cup, ball is placed in performer’s pocket but it magically returns under the cup. For a startling climax, the ball changes into a lemon, orange, apple or a large ball. You can perform the above with only a limited amount of practice thanks to the clever construction of the apparatus we supply.

YOU RECEIVE: A precision manufactured aluminum cup approximately 3½” high, two 3/4″ red hand knit (crocheted) balls, and instructions.

You’ll perform this one often!