Classic Card Tricks (Edward Victor)


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This is a pre-owned book that’s in good undamaged condition. A Dover edition with 98 pages.

Author and accomplished sleight-of-hand artist Edward Victor shows how to execute a variety of amazing card tricks using such ordinary items as a handkerchief, notepaper, drinking glass, piece of string, candle, and a deck of cards.

Simple, easy-to-follow instructions and more than 100 figure drawings by the artist enable would-be wizards to perform amazing feats including The Thirty Card Trick, A False Riffle Shuffle, Magnetized Cards, An Invisible Palm, and The Awkward Ace.

Beginners in the art of prestidigitation will find this intriguing introduction to card conjuring has just the information they need to develop professional-level skills and abilities that will astound friends and family alike.