Clear Force Bag (India)


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How often have you come across excellent magical effects of various types, which depend on the force of a card, word, number, color, etc. In most cases, the instructions ask you to force the required item by “your favorite method” and because you may not have one, the item lies on your shelf.

Now, the “CLEAR FORCE BAG” will solve this. It is so simple and straightforward; so easy and  trouble-free.

It is a large transparent plastic bag, made from heavy weight plastic. The bag is completely transparent and so innocent in appearance yet so cleverly deceptive. A special addition allows you to use the bag completely surrounded right under the audience’s noses.

THE APPARATUS: Supplied by us is a heavy weight transparent plastic bag, 8″ wide, and 12″long. This is large enough for use on any stage. A casual examination will make you believe that this is just an ordinary bag but a more careful examination will show you that the bag has two special flaps inside.

The top edges of these flaps coincide with a colored band along the top edge of the bag making the flaps absolutely invisible, right under your nose. The edges of the flaps are slightly staggered, allowing you to open any flap immediately.

The bag is used like a Changing Bag. On one side of the flap are placed a number of different objects, while on the other side are placed identical objects. The audience see the different objects through the transparent front but select one of the identical ones from the second compartment. It’s a perfect force, and that is the basic principle.

Special Feature: The bag supplied has two secret flaps (instead of the standard one flap) making for three compartments: (Two outer compartments and one central one). Thus when using visible items, Iike different colored beads, you can place different colored beads in both the outer compartments, and all same colored beads in the central compartment.

This allows you to use the bag surrounded with the audience all around you, without the fear of exposure. However, when using items like folded slips of paper; where one cannot be distinguished from the other, you can use the bag for two different forces, placing two sets of force slips in two of the compartments, and a third set of different slips in the third compartment for examination.