Clown Act Omnibus (Wes McVicar)


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This is a pre-owned book. Good condition. Spiral bound; 2nd printing; 1978; 215 pages.

Here’s everything you need to know to stage successful clown performances!

This unique guide contains over two hundred workable clown acts. Since the origin of many of them is extremely vague, it is difficult to give credit where credit is due. The author therefore thanks all in general who have carried on the circus tradition with clowns and clowning. Even for the most inexperienced clowns many of these acts will prove sure-fire. The more difficult acts will require training. Any production, of course, is the better for good planning, preparation, and rehearsal.Though only 168 clown acts are numbered, there are many subdivisions of additional stunts which bring the total in the book to well over two hundred!

The ideas in this book are also adaptable to Christian clown activities.

Chapters include:

A Word on Clowning

Program & Organization

Clown Equipment

Walk-Ons and Walk Around

Clown Acts with Simple Equipment

Clown Acts with Special Equipment

Clown Acts with Constructed Equipment

Clown Acts Requiring Gymnastic Equipment

Clown Acts for Water Shows.