Coin Clip – Stainless Steel (Viking Mfg.)


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Viking’s Stainless Steel Coin Clip will hold 4 United States Half Dollars, 5 Nielsen Palming Coins, 4 United States Silver Dollars, and 7 of Viking’s Ultra Thin Morgan Palming Coins. It will even hold billets and folded money. There is a slight adjustment possible with the flex-steel stainless so you may adjust the fit to hold foreign coins as well.

Designed to be silent, smooth working and versatile. Made of long lasting stainless steel and felt lined to eliminate “talking”. Also provided are two holes at the back of the Coin Clip that will allow you to attach the Clip to a reel, pull or pendulum vanish.

Our first picture shows the Coin Clip with 7 of Viking’s Ultra Thin Morgan Palming Coins while the second picture shows the Coin Clip With 4 United States Half Dollars.

Note: The coins pictured are for display purposes only and are not included. You receive the Stainless Steel Coin Clip only.