Comedy Glass in Paper Cone…Bazar de Magia


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Effect: The magician takes a piece of paper from a newspaper and forms it into a paper cone. Then puts an empty clear glass inside it. He turns around, in order to pick up a pitcher of milk (any type container or liquid can be used). At that moment, the clown that is assisting him, takes the glass out of the paper cone, without the magician noticing, letting the spectators understand his naughtiness. The magician turns again to the cone, and pours water inside the paper cone, thinking the glass is still in the cone. At that moment, the clown shows the glass to the performer, and the magician realizes he has a problem. Nevertheless, he takes the glass from the clown and introduces it into the cone, as he argues with the clown complaining of his misconduct. Then the magician makes a magic gesture and opens the paper cone: the paper is dry, and the water is inside the glass!

A great easy-to-do routine! Also includes a routine for the performer who works alone.

One of the best tricks for kids with liquid, with the best quality and the best price!