Computer Hacker In Progress aka C. H. I. P


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This is one of the most visual card effects you will ever come across, and although it requires no sleight of hand, it is both magical and topical.

A playing card is selected, remembered, and returned to the center of the pack while the performer patters about computer hackers. The individual cards will represent files on your computer and the selected card will be a file you are looking for. You mention that when computer hackers get into a computer they create quite a mess and mix your files all up. So saying, the performer introduces the computer C. H. I. P. card from his pocket. He explains that C. H. I. P. is short for computer hacker in progress as he places the card on top of the deck. The cards are now spread to show them all mixed up in a face up and face down mess.

Now the performer brings out a card that has the picture of a wizard on it and says it represents a computer Wizard who will come and sort out all the mixed up files (cards). The Wizard card is placed on top of the deck for a second and then removed. When the cards are spread they are all facing up except for one card which is face down. When the face down card is turned over it proves to be the selected card. The Wizard cleaned up all the mixed up files and found the one you were looking for!

As mentioned above you’ll find this to be a really visual effect and one that’s fun to perform as well as very easy to accomplish as the special cards do almost all of the work. Learn to present this well and you’ll have an effect you’ll carry with you and perform every chance you get!