Crazy Blooming Flowers


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The regular Blooming Flower is a nice bit of magic where a flower blooms on a barren stalk.

This Crazy Blooming Flowers has been adapted from this item but can be worked into a more elaborate routine for more magic and entertainment. It makes an excellent gag item for kid shows, clowns, MC’s  etc.

Performer displays a double stalk. At the start both stems are barren. You make magic gestures or pour water from an invisible watering can over one and a flower blooms. You make magic gestures over the second stem and a flower blooms over this but the first flower vanishes. So you put some more magic dust or water over the first stem. The flower blooms there but the other one vanishes. And so on as often as you like. Once you are familiar with the working of this prop you will find it can be presented in various  ways.

The apparatus operates like two Blooming Blossoms which are linked together. You can operate each one individually. This means you can cause a flower to appear or vanish on either stalk at will. However, you cannot cause a flower to appear on both stalks at the same time because as one flower appears the other will automatically vanish.