Crystal Coin Case


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If you’re looking for a great way to vanish a coin, from a penny up to a half dollar, or any coin in those size ranges, then look no further!

A coin is trapped between two pieces of clear plastic and secured with rubber bands. Everything is covered with a handkerchief and placed aside. Yet in an instant the magician gains access to the coin which secretly falls into his hand. From there the coin can be introduced into any set-up the performer may be using for its reproduction.

Great for use with the Coin in Nest of Boxes or Ball of Wool, etc.

It seems impossible that the magician can obtain the coin so quickly. You can even hand out the apparatus, with the coin still trapped inside, to any spectator and they can not remove the coin unless the rubber bands are removed. You’ll marvel at the ingenious method.

You receive the “Crystal Coin Case” apparatus, with some extra rubber bands, and instructions. Use any handkerchief you have.