Cut-Up Prediction (Numbers)


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A long and narrow paper envelope is shown which has lines drawn on it. The magician states that inside the envelope is a strip of paper containing different numbers evenly spaced along its length and are centered under the lines on the envelope. The magician states that he has made a prediction as to which number he believes the spectator will cut through.

So saying, he hands the spectator a pair of scissors and has them cut across one of the lines on the envelope thus cutting the envelope into two pieces. When the envelope pieces are opened up and the paper strips with the numbers are examined it is found that the number the spectator cut through was the very number the magician had predicted!

Very easy to do!

No force of any kind!

Spectator can cut across any line of their choosing!

100% sure fire! Your prediction will always be correct!

Supplied with 10 sets ready to go.